Esther 4


    I have loved photography since my childhood. I enjoy nature, people, street scenes, architecture, food, flowers, and unique views. Sometimes, I wish I could import scent into the photos, so that you can see and smell the experience, such as the mountain pine, fresh baked bread, wine, pizza, flowers, and spices.

    The two photographers who most inspire me are Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry.

    I have also discovered that other artists inspire me such as Georgia O'Keeffe. I recently visited Santa Fe and had the opportunity to see a film about her life and her museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Another person who inspires me is Vivian Maier who photographed over 100,000 photos on the streets of Chicago. A few other photos were made outside of Chicago. She was a nanny and primarily took photographs on week-ends in Chicago during the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Vivian was not known as a photographer, while she was alive. She was discovered by a stranger who bought her negatives and undeveloped film after her death. There are now books and a movie about her life. Her photos are considered to be some of the best street photography of her era.

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